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Jewelry Apothecary

The Jewelry Apothecary is a healing line of jewelry. Think of the pieces as offering a healing medicine for whatever ails you. Click on each piece to read more about suggested uses and who the piece is tailored to.

For Those Who Struggle to Remember They are Their Own


For Those Who Struggle to Remember They are Their Own


Belonging to Yourself:

For those who struggle to remember they are their own. That you belong to yourself. When life tugs and pulls from all angles and the eyes of others rest in uncomfortable ways on us, making us want to shrink away… we need reminders that we belong first and foremost, to ourselves. This every day ring can be a little nudge in those moments. To fill up the space that you exist within. To inhabit your own body. To breathe deeper and remember you are your own. Yes, many people and projects depend on you. as well But first. You are your own.

Textured bronze plates create the simple bead, gold fill band (brass pictured here, available upon request)

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