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Can I pick my own word?

Absolutely! That is one of our favorite features of these customized pieces – you get to choose a word or phrase the has meaning for you or a loved one – and have a piece to wear to remember that very thing. Please indicate your word of choice in the form provided at checkout. Must be 14 characters or less. If you require a longer word or phrase, please contact us directly. (See a list of some of our favorite words below.)

What are the materials made of?

Brass plates, 14k gold fill chain, brass chain, 14k gold fill clasps and components, 14k gold fill ear wires, and sometimes repurposed chain. When possible, reference is made on each specific piece as to the the materials used. 

Why Thistle Stone?  

Thistle represents the beauty of the Midwest, as Colleen was raised in small town Ohio. The simple elegance of the outdoors which is so inspiring to her, is held in these words.  Stone denotes the habit Colleen has yet to outgrow, of picking up stones and other objects from beaches, parks, and hillsides – and gathering them around her, marking moments and time in this way.

We send a stone with each item as tiny markers of moments in time for the maker, inviting you to continue with intention into what is ahead for you, and what this piece of jewelry holds and marks in your world. Does it mark a season of growth, a time of healing, a grief, a hope, a wish - for you or someone you love? It may be that you just like it. So, once you own it, how will it mark you, how will it travel with you, what memories will it hold and usher you into? A beautiful piece grows with you. I hope you will allow it to do so. 

Where can we find you?

Click Here for retailers in the Seattle area!

How do I care for my jewelry? 

Brass: Brass wears uniquely over time - if you like that weathered look, simply let it take on it's own texture and color over time. If you prefer to restore it to its original lustre, simply use steel wool (000 weight) or a polishing cloth (which can be found online or at craft stores). 

Gold: Wears well. Some of the gold chains are very delicate. If they break, feel free to send it back and I will happily repair it. 





Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention
Be astonished
Tell about it.
— Mary Oliver