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Testimonials from a few lovely customers: 


Mother's Day Loving

I love my hand-crafted, dainty gold necklace! I even ordered one for my mom and sis for Mother's Day. The customized lettering is well done and has lots of character. I've already gotten so many compliments on this piece in the first few days of wearing it. It is super versatile- can be layered with another accent piece. I can't wait to browse for more! –Molly


Small Creations

There's a simplicity and elegance that's unparalleled with Thistle Stone's work. So much beauty comes from some of the smallest creations. – Lily


Go-To Gift

Thistle stone jewelry has created beautiful pieces of art that I have gifted to my friends and family. I love giving gifts that have a personal, thoughtful, creative nature to them, and Thistle Stone jewelry has been my "go to" gift, with each piece being unique to the one who receives it. I've given this jewelry for various reasons, whether it's been for an end of the year teacher gift, a friend's birthday, a gift after having a baby, or for someone going through a difficult time. I love the personalized touch that allows each piece of jewelry to mark a time or season of significance in one's life. I will continue to commission a piece from thistle stone jewelry when I want to gift my loved ones with a piece of sparkly beauty and unique creativity. – Steph


Naming Desire

I was gifted with a Thistle Stone necklace after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It's a beautiful necklace with the word 'mercy' engraved on the front. I realized after a week or two of wearing it that putting it on that it had become a symbolic act- it became a way for me to acknowledge when I was tired or emotionally worn out. Choosing to wear the necklace helped me identify my need for slowness, kindness, and space during the day. I love that I have a beautiful piece of jewelry that also reminded me to name my desire for mercy during a turbulent season.  – Morgan (Heather's Sister)


Gift Giving

Each Thistle Stone piece is thoughtfully and lovingly crafted, with an imaginative and creative spirit. Time and again, I've been delighted to find the perfect gifts for the strong, beautiful, and wonderfully unique women in my life. - Collette



The perfect accessory - a balance of intricacy and simplicity. - Alissa


Pleasure, Comfort and Beauty

When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had the word "mercy" (first given to me by Colleen) engraved on necklaces for my mom, sister and sister-in-law. It has been a comforting and unifying word to have around each of our necks as my mom has gone through treatment. It's a prayer of sorts.

ThistleStone jewelry possesses a depth and eccentricity that you won't find elsewhere. It's like wearing a piece of nature or a part of your heart. Whether it's the words you wear on your body or the ingenuous compositions of shapes, color and stone, ThistleStone's work will only bring you pleasure, comfort and beauty. – Heather (Morgan's Sister)


Amulets and Talismans

Thistle Stone's works are like little amulets and talismans against the mundane and the whimsey-less. Thank you for pouring yourself so sweetly and genuinely into each piece. We who wear them are the better for it. - Sarah


I had been my whole life a bell, and never knew it until at that moment I was lifted and struck.
— Annie Dillard