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Thistle Stone

Thistle Stone


I believe that jewelry is not just frivolous decoration. Jewelry has been a means by which to identify, mark and adorn oneself since the beginning of craftsmanship. Jewelry tells a story. And we all want to tell our stories well and truthfully – we want to communicate on the outside what is true of us on the inside. Jewelry is one such conduit for this communication.

I also believe that jewelry should be an experience. In the wearing, in the giving, in the receiving. I have been making jewelry for friends for 10+ years and I love giving jewelry to people I know will love it and cherish the meaning behind it.  I love that jewelry can mark a graduation, birthday, a move, a transition, a rite of passage, a time of grief - in ways that few other things can. It is a tangible reminder and a memento. It adorns and marks the body, as you mark and remember a season. That is the essence of Thistle Stone - jewelry seen as a way of marking and remembering and holding our lives with the joy and intention they deserve. We use jewelry as a conduit of celebrating, grieving, marking, praying, remembering, holding, observing, announcing and much more.

Therefore, the piece of jewelry is the gift, but the experience of opening the gift is also meant to be part of the experience. Thistle Stone packages each item with tiny intentional care and thoughtful touches so that whoever receives the piece - yourself or a loved one - will be reminded of joy in the simplest of things, even the opening of a tiny package is an opening into joy and gratitude and celebration of this one, sweet life.   

Check out the names of the pieces: Many pieces are named as a way of marking something we yearn for, something that needs healing in our lives, something we seek. The Jewelry Apothecary line deepens this idea.

And that is just the point - how the world, so moist and beautiful, calls to each of us to make a new and serious response. That’s the big question, the one the world throws at you each morning: “Here you are, alive. Would you like to make a comment?”
— Mary Oliver